Marqués de la Ensenada (22)

Suite Projects and Investments

We design elegant and cozy homes, distinguished by their refined and sober lines. By working on a turn-key service basis, under the highest standards of quality and reliability, we are able to assure a smooth coordination between concept design and performed work.

Our core business is divided into two separated areas: real estate boutique developments and private commissions. We acquire premium properties in some of the most demanded neighborhoods in Madrid and Seville, which will be fully renovated to put them in the market. At the same time, we also work for many private clients, always bringing the same attention to detail to every project.

We are mainly focused on existing buildings, many of them historical and listed. Our aim is to arrive at proper and innovative solutions to make both genuine elements and the most advanced technologies live together. .

Founders Rufo and Pablo Parra, brothers, and respectively architect and BBA (Law), share their focus on the client, as well as their obsession with excellence and smooth service. In this sense, we apply a one-spokesperson policy, who will accompany the client during the whole process, from preliminary designs to after-sale works. Therefore, we cover the entire process, including property purchase, feasibility studies and license management, when needed.

We love to work hand in hand with our clients, from the very beginning to the final complexion and beyond. That’s our reason for being and our motivation for doing things better than have been done before.