Who we are and what we do

Suite is a firm that is passionate about architectural design and committed to the execution of high quality works. It is born with the objective of offering its clients a global experience without problems, from the preliminary designs to the final delivery of the property. On one hand, we develop small promotions in historic buildings within the best areas of Madrid, as well as Sevilla and other cities. On the other hand, we offer integral solutions for both private and commercial clients as well as lodging and corporate sectors, following the same premises of customer care and attention to details of the project. In Suite we create spacious and contemporary interiors, paying close attention to quality and finishes, and making the most advanced technologies coexist with original elements that were covered with utmost care.

Added value

The most important thing is that the customer has a single interlocutor, who takes care of all phases of th work, from its inception with the first sketches to the final delivery, also responding to any possible problem that might arise. We cover the whole process, including each intermediate step, from the feasibility study, the potential acquisition of the building and management of any necessary license, to the complete design of the project, the management and execution of the work, and its furniture. This allows us to go on hand with ourclient at all times of theoperation, offering a carefully  tailored service with complete control of alldetails, and with the guarantee of knowing the final budget before even starting the work.

In addition, in Suite we strongly support new technologies, and that is why we have implemented the BIM methodology in our work system. Building Information Modeling is a new global approach to building construction projects. It is a work system, supported by software, in which the complete 3D modeling of a building or an interior space is rendered. This model is not merely geometric volumes, but each element is the virtual equivalent of a real one.

Working with BIM methodology allows us to offer three import antadvantages to our clients:

  • The total control of the project without possible deviations or possibility of errors in the production of documentation.
  • A time saving in production, which is used in the design stage, improving the results.
  • Better communication with the customer.


We have a professional team of highly qualified and committed architects, economists and technicians, true to our values, with a wide experience in their respective fields of action, all of them specialized in the real estate world.