The main concept is to open the space to the garden, blurring the boundaries between them. We opt for an L-shaped plant, so that both arms open to the garden. One of them, with the best orientation, the south, and the other, to the west, is blinded on high floor and completely protected by the pines and by the setback of the façade in ground floor. In this way, the garden literally gets into the house, and a central porch is generated with the best orientation. To ensure the privacy of the owners, one of the arms has two heights, placing the work area and guest bedrooms on the top floor, also preventing the views from the main access.

Due to the weather conditions in Cádiz, it was basic that even from a constructive point of view, the house would refresh itself, beyond the simple choice of clear colors and traditional materials. A ventilated façade is proposed, enclosing ceramic pieces of 300 mm x 1200 mm in white, in a way that optimizes costs and execution time. Also, solar radiation is reflected while the circulation of fresh air through the air chamber allows high temperatures to never be reached. To optimize energy consumption, a key aspect in the project, the basement occupies a larger surface area than the house above grade, so that it can be naturally lit and ventilated by skylights placed in the garden.






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    La Barrosa Beach, Chiclana (Cádiz)
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    Design + Construction