What taxes and expenses have to face the buyer of one of our properties ?

– Transfer Tax (ITP). As a second transmission property or later, these operations are not subject to VAT, but with ITP, which is 6% in Madrid.

– Stamp Duty (AJD), in respect of notarial contract of sale of the property. 1% aprox.

– Notary fees. The notary’s fees are regulated by law and depend on the price of the property.

– Expenditure on record. Registrar’s fees depend on the price of the property.

Do our services include all necessary licenses required for refurbishment works and activity?

Yes, appropriate license management to carry out the corresponding works and activities to be exercised are included in our services.

Can the Client hire Suite exclusively for advice in the concept design of a building and/or interior?

Yes. Although we recommend a comprehensive advice throughout the
process, in order to achieve consistency and balance in design, quality, costs and deadlines.
However, it is also possible to contract any particular service separately (ie: housing refurbishment, office concept design, etc.)

Are Suite developments new housing or second hand?

Our properties combine the best of both:

From a fiscal point of view, having had more than one transmission, purchase is taxed at a rate four points lower than if they were new housing (6% versus 10 % VAT), as explained in above.

In terms of space and construction quality, our homes have been fully renovated, rehabilitating and maintaining protected building elements, such as the original wooden columns, while enjoying the most advanced construction and the best finishes and facilities systems.

How our homes are delivered?

Our homes come with fully equipped kitchen, including best appliances furniture brands, and LED lighting in all rooms. We also offer our customers a complete furnishing proposal so they can visualize, through 3D computer graphics and videos, each space ready to live, and hire the appropriate project at no additional cost, if they wish.

Can the buyers customize their home?

The desire of Suite is to offer its customers a convenient, fast and full purchase process, a pleasant experience without contingencies or delays. However, we are always happy to discuss any point change requested by our customers, in order to meet or even exceed their expectations.

Can clients hire Suite to build or renovate a house/flat of their property?

Yes. We also offer a turnkey service for customers who do not acquire a home of our catalogue, but want to enjoy our concepts and quality in homes they own.